Spiritual Counselling

The core goal of spiritual counselling or guidance is to assist people in re-connecting with their authentic spirituality and inherent wholeness as the means for transforming obstacles and living a more meaningful life. It is to help people discover that beyond their problems and beyond their conditioning they already have the answers and the wisdom within them. The Spiritual Counsellor holds this vision of wholeness for them; this helps them to connect with a deeper Self, and to enter into a deeper experience of and relationship to the Divine, until such time as they can once again create that space and realise that vision for themselves.

Spiritual counselling takes a holistic as well as spiritual approach to counselling. Guided by intuition and healing spiritual counselling touches on the deeper issues that draw people to counselling and psychotherapy.

Mitali's approach to spiritual counselling is aimed at all levels of wellness:

  •  Emotional
  •  Physical
  •  Mental
  •  Spiritual/Soul

A spiritual counselling session will take the following approach:

  •  Create a safe and sacred place in which we will work
  •  Establish the issues and beliefs that prevent you from moving forward
  •  Address and re-pattern these beliefs clearing each aspect
  •  Implement steps to prevent the blockage from returning.