Corporate Wellness

Are you part of a company thats interested in helping employees maintain health and wellness?

Do you seek workshops that are simple, accessible, effective and affordable?

Companies with wellness initiatives enjoy these benefits:

  • Fewer sick days (lower health care costs!)
  • Increased employee energy
  • Less stress on the job (because it?s managed in a healthy way)
  • Happier employees because they know their company cares about them as a person

Reiki Awakening Academy offers classes that can help! Choose from online workshops or in person in the Ohio or DC Metro areas!

Our classes offer practical and powerful ways to:

  •  Release stress
  •  Understand and increase health
  •  Increase mental clarity and focus
  •  Boost creativity
  •  Bring positive energy to the workplace
  •  Have smoother relationships with clients and coworkers


Learn online in your conference room via our online classroom platform and/or allow your employees to attend from home. We are flexible and here to help!

Hour long workshops can be given on a lunch hour or any convenient time. Ongoing classes are available to corporate groups at a discount.

We have many subjects available, but here are some of our most popular:

  • Five Minute Meditations for Powerful Results
  • Six Surprising Ways to Release Stress Immediately
  • Reiki for Office Workers for better health, stress relief, mental clarity, and more.
  • Increasing Intuition and How it Helps Businesses Succeed

Tell us your challenges and goals, and we will create the most effective workshops for your business.